Monday, February 18, 2008

What an Exciting Weekend!

What an exciting weekend! This was the fifth weekend of the Wholistic Kinesiology practitioner course, the bodywork portion. It was an exciting weekend for myself and the class. Billy Beck III from Fort Lauderdale Florida, Al Musalin from Guelf Canada, Deborah Schrameck from Palm Springs California, and Jaime Hall from New York, all personal trainers, were able to combine their skills with the Wholistic Kinesiology with great results!! They were not only able to evaluate the nutritional status of their athletes but were able to balance the musculoskeletal system, optimize joint function, do emotional balancing and design a very exact workout program for their clients. The rest of the class learned a lot from watching the combination.
All participants got their postures evaluated before and after muscle optimization and joint optimization. The pre and post evaluations were remarkably different. Laura, one of the students, had fallen off a horse ten years earlier and had been living with neck pain since. After her treatment, all pain was gone. The following day she reported some soreness in the muscle but the joint pain was gone!!
Dominick had a similar experience with chronic low back pain. He became pain free immediately after years and years of dealing with severe pain. The following day was still pain free.
This class is so enthusiastic and excited about the possibilities. Final exams and graduation are next month. A whole new group of practitioners is about to be let loose on the world. I’m really impressed with their skills, and I’m so excited about how much good they will do for their clients!

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